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Praise for Ancorra’s Emergency Spill Response Team

Praise for Ancorra’s Emergency Spill Response Team

Ancorra has recently been working on decommissioning a large brewery customer’s site in Hampshire. The site is being closed down and the land cleared to make way for residential housing.

Our operatives had been working to clear the hazardous waste from the site in order to make it safe for the demolition contractors to level the buildings. However, inbetween times, the customer had unfortunately had a massive grain spill on the land and this needed to be cleared very quickly to allow decommissioning work to continue.

Two of our staff, Anthony Davies and Connor Mousley, went out to the site to clear and repack the grain and received excellent feedback from the customer who told us that ‘both men worked tirelessly to carry out the clean up and that she ‘was very impressed with their work ethic.’

For more details of our 24 hour emergency spill response, please click here.

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