Sludge Dewatering

Ancorra will visit your site to ensure that all of your requirements are understood and will organise the project in order to minimise the amount of time the necessary equipment is on your site.

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Treatment costs for wet sludges are expensive and are constantly rising. Ancorra can provide on site sludge dewatering units which can achieve up to 90% water removal thus ensuring that you only pay a fraction of the disposal costs for the solid material. The water can be recycled on site or, if necessary, we can assist in locating a suitable licensed recovery or treatment option for you.

Prior to any job commencing our Technical team will produce a full Health & Safety pack including all the necessary Method Statements, Risk Assessments and any other documentation required to comply with Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.

This type of waste minimisation puts your Company’s waste strategy towards the top of the waste hierarchy pyramid whilst achieving significant cost savings, providing both an environmental and financial benefit.

Sludge DewateringSludge DewateringSludge Dewatering services

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High Pressure Jetting

High Pressure Jetting

Using specialised jetting equipment, with pressures ranging from 2,000 to 36,000 PSI, tanks, drains, pipes and sewers can be effectively cleaned of stubborn solids and greasy residue.

Foam filling service

Foam Filling Services

For on site decommissioning you can benefit from the full range of our in house capabilities based on your individual requirements.

Forecourt maintenance

Forecourt Maintenance Services

Whatever your requirements Ancorra has the expertise to ensure that your maintenance obligations are fulfilled in accordance with all Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation.