Waste Management

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke, compliance led waste management solutions which will fit around your company’s strategic and operational needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.





What we do

By examining, mapping and analysing all waste streams on site we are happy to share our technical expertise to ensure our customers are utilising the best environmental and financial options for their waste disposal whilst adhering to all applicable Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.

Our aim is to promote recovery and recycling options which can provide cost effective environmental management solutions. Ancorra does not have any contractual agreements or tie-ins with any one facility and so are free to choose the most suitable approved licensed facility which will provide the best environmental option at the most competitive prices. It is because of this flexible approach that we are able to provide significant cost savings direct to the customer.

We can supply all your packaging, labelling and documentation in strict compliance with all legislation. We will ensure that you are provided with any necessary documentation, returns and reports to provide an audit trail and demonstrate your compliance.

Once your waste is ready for collection our fleet of vehicles can provide transport for bulk, packaged or skipped waste.

Waste ManagementWaste Management

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High Pressure Jetting

High Pressure Jetting

Using specialised jetting equipment, with pressures ranging from 2,000 to 36,000 PSI, tanks, drains, pipes and sewers can be effectively cleaned of stubborn solids and greasy residue.

Foam filling service

Foam Filling Services

For on site decommissioning you can benefit from the full range of our in house capabilities based on your individual requirements.

vessel and tank cleaning services

Specialist Vessel & Tank Cleaning

Ancorra has the skills, expertise and equipment to professionally clean and decontaminate all types and sizes of vessels and tanks, either externally or with man entry where necessary.