Experience is essential for us to understand your needs, we have valuable experience across many industrial sectors allowing us to provide a knowledgeable response to your initial enquiry and first class service to help you resolve your problems to a satisfactory high standard.

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With the ongoing challenges relating to the Government initiative to divert waste from landfill and promote recycling opportunities and the added need for vast reduction in carbon footprints, we work with major automotive producers and have successfully helped the largest UK based automotive manufacturing company to achieve zero waste to landfill whilst also reducing their carbon footprint & environmental impact. By utilising our contacts within the waste-to-energy sector and providing sound written justification to the manufacturer and regulatory bodies, we resolved this major problem for our customer which they had been working hard towards themselves, so helping them to achieve their company objectives and quickly meet the legislative guidance.


The aviation industry demands the highest standards of Health & Safety and Quality, particularly when handling their high grade aviation fuels. We have experience in handling all manner of extremely flammable liquids, solids and sludge in a safe and compliant manner. For Ancorra, this is not an issue and we use our BSI standard accreditations in Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental to good effect to ensure that our customer and legislative needs are met and delivered in a timely manner. We have worked with the emergency services, large commercial and private airlines in the UK. We have experience in working internationally both in Europe and throughout the rest of the world.


Ancorra works with leading commercial and residential property construction and services groups, education institutes, independent and large fuel suppliers and many more, helping our customers facilitate new build, renovation and improvement projects for many work premises across the UK. Ancorra has helped provide delivery and removal solutions, waste recycling, storage tank removal, tank pipe and void, hard-foam filling and decommissioning, civil works, industrial cleaning and emergency spillage situations, ensuring that whatever the task in hand, it is done in a timely manner, with the utmost care and within legislative guidelines and the law.

Printing & Paper

Ancorra have experience in ink tank cleaning, site and tank process decommissioning, waste water removal, as well as fine chemical and used batch recovery and disposal.

Plant Hire

Interceptors, oils, cleaning and 24 hour emergency chemical spillages


We are experienced in specialist industrial cleaning, interceptors, waste removal, fuel transfers and removal.

Oil & Petroleum

Forecourt maintenance, specialist tank cleaning and sludge/solid removal, fuel transfers, civil works, cleaning canopies and diesel fuel polishing.


Ship and vessel cleaning, bilge water, septic tanks, engine room cleaning, fuel transfers and removal.


Tank cleaning, bund emptying, decommissioning, foam filling, pump removal and waste removal.


Glass fibre, oven cleaning, aircraft spray-booth waste, waste removal and photographic chemicals.


Supermarkets, forecourt work, waste removal, fuel transfers, industrial & forecourt cleaning. Whatever your needs, we can help assist you to achieve your targets.

Mining & Quarrying

For aggregate industries, we will attend site with a tanker to provide oil, water removal and treatment.

Fine Chemicals

Working with fine chemical manufacturers in the UK and Europe we have helped deliver major projects on time and to our usual high standards. With our ADR certified tankers and experienced qualified personnel we can handle all manner of hazardous organic and inorganic chemicals that are produced, often we are able to utilise our extensive experience in this area to provide innovative waste recycling, recovery or treatment methods for materials to be removed whilst our high specification equipment can be utilised onsite to aid with raw material or product transfers. Equally storage tanks containing highly specialised fine chemicals with a variety of hazards can be fully cleaned and emptied with our experienced well trained Operatives with full breathing apparatus and relevant safety qualifications for confined spaces with hazardous work environments. Gas testing is also within our capabilities to ensure protection of workers and contractors on your site.


Emergency clean ups for RTAs, water fill of lakes, spillage control and fire water removal and treatment.


Working with engineering contractors, we have provided innovative solutions to assist with efficiency and environmental targets. We offer a fast reliable service with trained experienced personnel.

Civil Engineering

Railways, education construction and demolition, renovation, site clearance and decommissioning works.

Water Treatment

Tank cleaning, waste water removal and treatment, water treatment chemical removal and treatment, solids and sludge removal, interceptor emptying and cleaning.


Chemical waste removal and the provision of recycling options of agricultural products.


We work with major pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure safe and compliant removal of waste by products in accordance with all current legislation. We can help you save money and achieve recycling targets whilst remaining compliant with your regulators.


We have experience in working with demolition crews to ensure site clearances are carried out in a timely manner to so that tight deadlines are met and areas are safe for demolition.  Contact us today to arrange a free site survey.

Food & Drink

Whether retail food and beverage disposal or manufacture of products, we are on hand 24 hours a day to assist in tank and industrial cleaning, waste disposal and emergency spillage control.


We have helped major clients achieve difficult recycling targets by providing innovative solutions and state of the art treatment options for problematic waste. Our high specification transport fleet and ADR trained drivers ensure safe and compliant handling of materials for onward recovery and environmental sustainability.


From major power stations to water works, we have valuable experience in assisting with projects such as ion exchange, resin removal and specialist tank cleaning, site decommissioning, waste removal and recovery for all hazardous and non hazardous materials.

Industrial Waste Management

Specialist tank cleaning, waste removal, hazardous chemical transport, TFS, ADR, solvents, organics, inorganics, acids, bases, toxics, radioactives, biohazard, asbestos, harmful, irritant, oxidizing, pyrophoric, spontaneously combustible, water reactive, environmentally hazardous, carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic, aerosols, gas, batteries, flammable solids, sludges, liquids, mercury, lead, arsenic, WEEE non hazardous, controlled destruction, food wastes and bio-hazardous materials. Substances which produce hazardous byproducts after disposal are all materials we can handle with our specialist team of trained personnel. Whatever your problem we can find a solution to help you.